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Why do I want to be a professor?

It’s the lightbulb moments I have witnessed and experienced, when the material transforms from a set of rules to clarity and confidence.

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

- Confucius

This quote exemplifies my goal as an educator, to put students in the driver’s seat of practicing engineering as early and often as possible.

Materials re Philosophy, CV and DEI Statement


Teaching Statement

Spring 2022



Summer 2022

DEI Statement.pdf



Fall 2021

I see students thrive with three basic things: simple structures to tackle complex problems, example applications, and opportunities to practice and apply this. I have learned that students engage when they are expected to solve difficult problems after the basics have been covered. They asked more insightful questions when the task is challenging. Students can memorize equations, but they struggle when the inputs or outputs are less clear, which requires multiple examples and sometimes multiple methods to solve a problem.

Student work presented below from my first course in Introduction to Robotics where students learned basic principles and applied their knowledge to use industry standard software, ROS with move-it and Gazebo to complete a task of their choosing.

Student Work:

Conveyor Belt Robot


Student Work:

TicToc Robot

Students were introduced to ROS with a first warm-up exercise using Turtlebot to learn about the communication protocol, examples of the homework submissions are shown below

I am passionate about robotics, specifically applied robotic systems, and my goal is to teach robotics and related courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. Using my masters in translational medicine and work in industry, I have the rare qualifications to teach interdisciplinary courses including regulatory, design, ethics, biomedical applications and entrepreneurship.

Introduction to Robotics Syllabus ME 490.pdf

Introduction to Robotics

Syllabus Fall 2021

Syllabus for Introduction to Medical Robotics and Surgical Technologies.pdf

Medical Robotics and Surgical Technologies

Draft Syllabus Summer 2022